SKG-IKOB Laboratory expands with facilities for IP testing (dust and water)

Dusting isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you think about testing and certification, but it’s an important aspect when it comes to electromechanical locks. Dust can form a major risk to the functioning and durability of these locks, and can even cause a lock to become completely jammed. In addition, we all know that water and electricity are not a good combination. Products like electromechanical locks and lighting comprise electronic components and, in our climate, are regularly exposed to damp conditions and rainwater. As faults in these products can have direct consequences for security and burglar resistance, it is important to know whether they are moisture-proof. The market is keen for products such as electromechanical locks and lighting to be tested for their ability to withstand dust and water.
SKG-IKOB has decided to invest in equipment for testing resistance to dust and water. The tests will be carried out in line with the international NEN-EN-IEC 60529:2013 standard and generate an IP code for the product.


Products must be tested for resistance to dust for an IP5X classification. This does not mean that all dust must be prevented from permeating the product, but that it must not permeate the product to the extent that it interferes with the operation of the product or the safety it provides. To be granted an IP5X classification, products are placed in a dust chamber and exposed to a constant stream of circulating dust for a period of eight hours. After this, they are assessed to check that they still fit for purpose. This means that after having been exposed to dust, the lock must still open and close. The dust resistance test is not only important for electromechanical locks, but has for some time now also been part of the tests used in the ART and SCM certification procedure for products for two-wheel and vehicle safety. These tests are already carried out in the SKG-IKOB laboratory.

Bicycle locks after undergoing a dust test.


The SKG-IKOB equipment is also suitable for testing water resistance up to an IPX4 classification. This classification is also termed “splash-proof” and implies that the product will not incur damage from long-term exposure to water sprayed onto the product from all sides. The test is similar to leaving the product outside in a heavy shower, and means that it is suitable for use out of doors.

This expansion of the testing facilities and continuous development puts SKG-IKOB at the forefront of testing and certification institutes and laboratories. SKG-IKOB has over 50 years of experience as a testing and certification institute and laboratory for building and safety products. SKG-IKOB was established by the industry itself as an independent, impartial body that would safeguard the long-term performance and safety of products and services for the construction and real estate sector.


Testing facilities in the SKG-IKOB Laboratory for IP testing (dust and water)

More information

For more information, contact Charles Wallert, +31(0)88-2440100 or

Permanently meet the requirements of your certificate with remote auditing

In these changed times of remote contact, it may seem difficult to pass quality controls and inspections at your location. With a remote audit, SKG-IKOB can ascertain the validity of a quality declaration so that you can permanently meet the requirements of your certificate. We can carry out virtually any kind of audit remotely. From admission tests, annual checks, recertification and extension audits, to checking the corrective measures that have been implemented. That is reassuring in uncertain times.

A remote audit is the solution if an audit or inspection on location is not possible, for example due to developments in society, the sector or in individual cases. In this way, the validity of quality statements can be permanently guaranteed. When audits and checks for on-site certification cannot take place, SKG-IKOB can carry out the audit or parts of it remotely.

Most office audits can be done completely remotely. This also applies to parts of the research that are carried out in a factory, workshop or on project location. The completion of any identified deviations can also be assessed remotely.

Efficient solution

Just like you, we feel responsible for ensuring that your quality certificate remains valid. You want confidence that you comply with it at all times. A remote audit can be a very efficient solution to perform audits remotely, but it is quite an intensive process for both parties. The participants must be well prepared for a successful process. Due to the efficiency of a remote audit, we expect remote auditing to continue even after the corona crisis.

Brochure Remote audit

In the brochure Remote audit you read about the application and scope of remote auditing, the use of suitable tools and you get practical tips for remote audits, on technical, content and contact level.


Download brochure

Do you want to meet the requirements of your certificate on a permanent base? You can read more in the brochure Remote Audit, available in English and German. You can download them here:

            English version                             German version


More information in Dutch?

Dutch information on remote auditing you find here.
Dutch news article on Remote auditing you find here.

Working methods at SKG-IKOB in challenging times

The Coronavirus poses a huge challenge to all of us. Not only within your and our company, but within companies throughout the world. SKG-IKOB has not stopped its activities despite the current difficulties, but is complying strictly with the guidelines set by the authorities. We are sending you a run-down of the working methods we have adopted in these challenging times.

The measures recently announced by the (Dutch) government have prompted difficult questions and a lot of concern. Will our work continue and are there new rules for contact with SKG-IKOB staff? We are doing everything we can to safeguard the continuity of your certification and /or research, while taking due care of the safety and health of our staff. The SKG-IKOB laboratory is open and the tests are continuing under new conditions. The audits, inspections and company visits are also going ahead, if required and sometimes via remote applications. Inspections and surveys on location and at building sites are also being continued, unless the location does not permit this.

No shaking hands

All SKG-IKOB staff are taking precautions and limiting social contact. We do not shake hands and we keep our distance from others during all our duties (minimum of 1.5 metres). This means that we will not ask people to sign for checks and audits that have been carried out (on a tablet). You may no longer attend tests being carried out in the laboratory. Please comply with the instructions given by our staff when delivering goods, such as the products for testing. In this way, we can all help to prevent the further spread of the Coronavirus.

Please notify us if you close

If you are one of our customers and you are closing your company temporarily and/or halting production, please let us know. This may slip your mind in these hectic times, but it might have implications for the validity of your certificates.

Call us or send an e-mail if you have any questions

If you have any questions about ongoing work, new or current projects, or anything else, please get in touch. SKG-IKOB will do its utmost to help you with planning and performing your work, to ensure steady progress. You can call us on weekdays on the usual numbers, or send a message to the usual e-mail address. We are here to help!

We will inform you immediately if anything happens to change the services we provide. SKG-IKOB is keeping a close eye on all the developments in the news. Safe and healthy building starts with us!





First SKG-IKOB KOMO class 5 approval for burglar resistance

On 12 December 2017, Remko Mathijssen, Commercial Director at MHB in Herveld, received the first KOMO approval for class 5 burglar-resistant doors from Olaf van Panhuys, Director at SKG-IKOB Certificatie.

MHB had tests carried out for projects in which the requirements for burglar resistance were extremely high. For doors with burglar resistance class 5, the resistance to a manual attack in terms of time is five times as long as for class 2 and three times as long as for class 3. The company can now supply both single doors and double doors fitted with a panel and an anti-panic lock with KOMO class 5 approval for burglar resistance.

SKG-IKOB has a special test rig in which burglar resistance tests are performed. This is suitable for test elements measuring up to 6000 mm (w) x 4000 mm (h) and was developed for tests under NEN 5096 and EN 1627 - 1630. During testing, SKG-IKOB works from the perspective of the burglar and uses tools, varying from screwdrivers and hammers to heavy grinders, to test whether it is possible to create a penetrable opening in a product.

Testing products for burglar resistance enables manufacturers to demonstrate to their customers that products such as windows, doors and speed gates satisfy the requirements specified within the Dutch Buildings Decree (NEN 5096) and by the customer. The results of the test can also be the basis for issuing an SKG-IKOB KOMO approval.

For more information about this announcement, please contact Harm van Dartel, Certification Manager for the Building Envelope at SKG-IKOB Certificatie, tel. +31 (0)88-2440100 or

Download press release / download photo (high resolution)

Remko Mathijssen (on the left in the photo) receives the SKG-IKOB KOMO approval from Olaf van Panhuys of SKG-IKOB.

New SKG-IKOB test wall makes more tests available

SKG-IKOB Certificatie has a new test configuration for testing façade elements and curtain walls for air permeability, watertightness, strength and rigidity. The generous dimensions of the test configuration make it possible to test large façade elements. In addition, the number of test standards for which testing can be carried out has been increased and tests with overpressure and underpressure outside the values specified in the standard are also possible.

The new test configuration in the SKG-IKOB laboratory in Geldermalsen measures 5900 x 5800 mm. A façade element or curtain wall can be tested here in a laboratory environment against the same criteria as on location. The test wall can generate overpressure or underpressure well outside the standard values, up to a maximum of 6000 Pa. This means that as well as testing against standards, tests can be carried out with higher overpressure and underpressure, for example to measure deformation at these extreme pressures.

By testing a product for wind resistance and watertightness, companies give their customers the guarantee that the product complies with the most recent and relevant standards, guidelines and directives. These tests can be carried out for the award of an SKG-IKOB-KOMO approval or as initial type test (ITT testing) in the context of CE-marking. Tests are carried out in accordance with EN 1026, EN 1027, EN 12211 and EN 1873. The new test configuration can also be used to test curtain walls, element façades, non-load-bearing façade sections or partitions between the exterior and interior of a building in accordance with test standards such as EN 12153, EN 12155 and EN 12179.

SKG-IKOB already had available two mobile laboratories, which could be used for similar tests at the construction site or production location. Continuing development enables SKG-IKOB to stay at the top of the list of test institutions.

For more information about this announcement, please contact Harm van Dartel, Certification Manager for the Building Envelope at SKG-IKOB Certificatie, tel. +31 (0)6 3492 3951 or


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