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The building sector, and those that supply the industry, have their own scheme for recognizing corporate social responsibility: Building on CSR. The scheme was developed by SKG-IKOB. Companies can create their own sustainable goals on the basis of five themes. Trade associations helped to develop this recognition scheme.

'Building on CSR' is designed to appeal to the SMBs in the building sector and the companies that supply the industry. A lot of companies were looking for ways to gauge the level of their own corporate social responsibility. But there wasn't a good instrument for doing this. The main aim is to create a practical scheme for SMBs, explaining every aspect of corporate social responsibility and allowing the company to choose its own priority areas. We latched on to some of the existing schemes, such as ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and the CO2 performance ladder.'

Growth model

SKG-IKOB presents the recognition scheme as a growth model. Companies are free to determine their own social ambitions. 'Building on CSR' works with five themes: Administration & Management, People & Work, Customers, Environment and Society. Each theme has five development phases. A company chooses which phase it wishes to reach for each of the five themes, and which growth goals it hopes to achieve. The five stages are Raising awareness, Implementing, Controlling, Broadening and Excelling. For example, during the Raising awareness phase of the Environment theme, a company must be able to show that it complies with the legislation and the sector's own stipulations. In the Excelling phase, the company must be able to demonstrate zero emissions or a positive contribution to the environment. To this end, objective criteria are assessed in terms of pollution, the depletion of (natural) resources, climate change and the impact on local biodiversity. The SKG-IKOB certificate shows the phase that the company has reached for each theme.

Developed together with trade associations

The scheme was developed in close cooperation with the following trade associations: AFNL (Dutch Contractors' Federation), VMRG (Association for the Metal Window and External Wall Unit Sector), KNB (Association of Royal Netherlands Building Ceramics), VHS (Association of Manufacturers of Hinges and Locks) and VKG (Association for the Plastic External Wall Unit Industry).

For more information, contact Willem Englebert via e-mail w.englebert@skgikob.nl.


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