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SKG-IKOB Laboratory expands with facilities for IP testing (dust and water)

2020.05.11 Dusting isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you think about testing and certification, but it’s an important aspect when it comes to electromechanical locks. Dust can form a major risk to the functioning and durability of these locks, and can even cause a lock to become completely jammed. In addition, we all know that water and electricity are not a good combination. Products like electromechanical locks and lighting comprise electronic components and, in our climate, are regularly exposed to damp conditions and rainwater. As faults in these products can have direct consequences for security and burglar resistance, it is important to know whether they are moisture-proof. The market is keen for products such as electromechanical locks and lighting to be tested for their ability to withstand dust and water. SKG-IKOB has decided to invest in equipment for testing resistance to dust and water. The tests will be carried out in line with the international NEN-EN-IEC 60529:2013 standard and generate an IP code for the product.  Read more.


Permanently meet the requirements of your certificate with remote auditing

2020.05.01 In these changed times of remote contact, it may seem difficult to pass quality controls and inspections at your location. With a remote audit, SKG-IKOB can ascertain the validity of a quality declaration so that you can permanently meet the requirements of your certificate. We can carry out virtually any kind of audit remotely. From admission tests, annual checks, recertification and extension audits, to checking the corrective measures that have been implemented. That is reassuring in uncertain times.

A remote audit is the solution if an audit or inspection on location is not possible, for example due to developments in society, the sector or in individual cases. In this way, the validity of quality statements can be permanently guaranteed. When audits and checks for on-site certification cannot take place, SKG-IKOB can carry out the audit or parts of it remotely.

Most office audits can be done completely remotely. This also applies to parts of the research that are carried out in a factory, workshop or on project location. The completion of any identified deviations can also be assessed remotely.

Read more.


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