Use of SKG logo

The holder of the quality declaration may use the mark / logo on stationery, brochures, website and other promotional material. It is in no case allowed to use a mark / logo in such a way that the impression is made that the products of the certificate holder would be certified.

The use of the mark / logo by the holder should immediately be stopped, when the quality declaration, for whatever reason, loses its validity.

On our website, you can check whether a certificate or attest is valid.

Misuse of SKG logo

Occasionally, it happens that companies falsely claim that they are certified and / or attested by SKG. In the event of misuse, SKG will proceed to available measures, including the suspension or revocation of the quality declaration and reporting the misuse on the SKG website.

Report misuse

We are committed to keep the value of the SKG certificates and attests as high as possible. Preventing the misuse of the SKG mark / logo is part hereof. Please contact us if you suspect misuse of our mark / logo. Your help is greatly appreciated!


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