The merger of IKOB-BKB and SKG resulted in a new, powerful certification organization: SKG-IKOB Certification BV.



SKG was established as a certification and testing institute more than 35 years ago, on the initiative of the industry itself. Since then, SKG has developed into the partner for safeguarding the long-term performance and safety of industrial products for the building envelope.

IKOB-BKB evolved from a merger of the building materials industry (IKOB) and the former Building Centre (BKB). IKOB-BKB boasts 60 years of experience as an inspection and certification organization, specializing in construction materials and building processes, and with SKW Certification for housing (including public housing). IKOB-BKB provides a complete package of services relating to quality assurance for the entire building sector.


What can SKG-IKOB do for you?

You know that your products, processes and systems are solid and reliable. But how can you convince your customers? The right certification will make you stand out from the rest of the market and win your customers' trust. SKG-IKOB certification works!

SKG-IKOB has an excellent reputation. What's more, all members of SKG-IKOB staff are aware of the importance of impartiality and objectivity (in Dutch) in all the activities they carry out. Our work is regularly analysed to prevent potential conflicts of interest and guarantee our continued impartiality and objectivity. The list of accreditations is proof of the independence, knowledge, objectivity, expertise and meticulousness of SKG-IKOB.

SKG-IKOB maintains its position as the top inspection institute by:

  • carrying out inspections and certification tests to the highest possible standards
  • providing its customers with a high degree of flexibility
  • being able to test on location
  • being a partner to its customers
  • aspiring to sustainability
  • being a non-profit organization
  • being independent

SKG-IKOB tests and issues certificates for:

  • designs (approvals)
  • products
  • processes
  • management systems

Also for trade associations.

Is your product ready for an expert inspection by SKG-IKOB? Earn your customers' confidence with an SKG-IKOB certificate. Simply contact us for straightforward advice about the benefits of certifying your product.


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