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Inspection by SKG-IKOB

SKG-IKOB has a wealth of in-house knowledge. This makes SKG-IKOB the perfect partner for carrying out inspections during product development, building site inspections and during arbitration. Expert and objective. Our test vehicle and mobile test facilities also enable us to carry out certain tests at your chosen location!

Product development

Having SKG-IKOB test your prototype will alert you to its weaknesses at an early stage. This gives you a chance to improve the product where necessary and increase its durability considerably. To find out more about product development and SKG-IKOB, please contact us.

Building site inspections

Doubts about building products or constructions sometimes arise once a building has been finished. SKG-IKOB can carry out an inspection even after the event, assessing the situation according to the relevant standards and guidelines. This is why municipalities, building firms and architects regularly ask for an independent assessment by SKG-IKOB to remove any doubt. If you want to know more about building site inspections or make an appointment for an inspection, please contact us.


Disputes sometimes arise regarding complaints about building products, such as metal and pvc facade elements, hinges and locks, glass and/or adhesives. The owner, contractor, manufacturer, consultant, architect, lawyer, arbitration body or the court can all ask SKG-IKOB to carry out an independent, expert inspection. In arbitration cases, we assess the situation according to the relevant standards and guidelines. SKG-IKOB decides at an early stage in the process whether a follow-up inspection will be needed (e.g. a specialized test or calculation). Once the cause of the complaint has been analysed, we will help you to devise the technical conditions needed to remedy the situation. To find out more about arbitration by SKG-IKOB, please contact us.


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