How do I apply for the SKG-IKOB quality label?

An SKG-IKOB quality label in 5 steps with SKG-IKOB!

1 Make an appointment with SKG-IKOB

SKG-IKOB will explain all the possibilities relating to acquiring an SKG-IKOB certificate beforehand so that you know exactly what to expect in terms of effort and investment. Make an appointment.

2 Check the quality requirements

If SKG-IKOB quality criteria have already been set for your product or process, you can apply to SKG-IKOB for certification. If no quality criteria have been set for your product or process, please contact us. SKG-IKOB is always interested in new developments that it could use to serve the industry.

Quick link to the SKG-IKOB quality criteria.

3 Admission review

Once your application has been received, SKG-IKOB will carry out an admission review to see whether your products and your internal quality assurance system satisfy the certification criteria.

4 Certificate issuance

If all the criteria have been met, SKG-IKOB will issue a SKG-IKOB certificate. This will be published on the SKG-IKOB website.

5 Continuous quality control

If you have been issued with a certificate, it is important that you maintain the quality of both your product and your internal quality assurance system. SKG-IKOB will therefore visit your company (announced or unannounced) several times a year or request products for testing in its own independent laboratory. In this way, SKG-IKOB can safeguard the quality of your product. Make an appointment.


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