KOMO quality label for other products/processes

Regulation Assessment guideline
(in Dutch)
The performance of airtightness measurements BRL 5027
Building plan assessments in line with the Building Decree (KOMO management system certificate) BRL 5019
Fire resistant coatings for linear steel constructions BRL 2880
External wall insulation systems with rendering BRL 1328
Combination building systems BRL 0901
Roof constructions with reinforced cellular concrete roof slabs BRL 0102
AE 0102
Load-bearing interior and external walls BRL 1008
Water proofers BRL 1154
Ceramic roof tiles BRL 1510
Non-load-bearing interior cavity skins and facade-filling elements BRL 1001
Non-load-bearing interior walls BRL 1003
Floor constructions with reinforced cellular concrete floor slabs BRL 0202
Floor constructions with steel (frame-) combination floors BRL 0208
Mobile homes BRL 2101
Sheet roofing systems BRL 1511
Sealing products for airtight building BRL 2804-1
Application of sealing products for airtight building BRL 2804-2

My product is not listed

No assessment guideline (BRL) available for your product? Please contact us. SKG-IKOB can set up a supervisory committee with representatives of the relevant market parties to devise a new BRL. Once the new BRL has been approved by the Board of Experts, your product can be tested and certified.

How can I apply for a KOMO quality label?

A KOMO quality label in 5 steps with SKG-IKOB


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