KOMO quality label for anti-burglar and/or security products

Product Assessment guideline
Barrier facilities BRL 3104
Cylinders BRL 3104
Single bolts BRL 3104
Single locks BRL 3104
Padlocks BRL 3104
Burglary-resistant hinges and locks BRL 3104
Multipoint Locks BRL 3104
Multipoint Bolts BRL 3104
Seam Protectors BRL 3104
Window Stools BRL 3104
Hinges BRL 3104
Lock support BRL 3104
Fencing systems and gates BRL 4108
Assembly of fencing systems
and gates
BRL 4109

SKG star rating

The SKG star rater shows all products that SKG-IKOB has certified in respect of BRL 3104. These products are identified by the SKG house with a star rating. This star rating system is well known and widely recognized throughout the building sector and among consumers. Locks and hinges that have proven to be burglar resistant can have a SKG-IKOB certificate.

Once the KOMO certificate has been issued, the locks and hinges must be indelibly marked with the familiar SKG house with stars symbol. Certification by SKG-IKOB means that SKG-IKOB will continue to monitor the quality of products by carrying out random inspections.

The product is tested according to BRL 3104 which means that it:

  1. must meet the relevant requirements such as durability and corrosion resistance, as described in NEN 5089.
  2. must be able to pass a manual test (anti-burglar test).

Locks and hinges that pass the anti-burglar test are able to withstand attempts to break in for at least 3 minutes. Three minutes may not seem very long, but in terms of an attempted burglary, it is. It means an experienced, proficient burglar spending 3 minutes trying to break in. In practice, any opportunist burglar will not succeed.

See also: http://www.sterrenwijzer.nl (in Dutch)

My product is not listed

Please contact Charles Wallert if no assessment guideline (BRL) is available for your product. SKG-IKOB may draw up a new BRL in cooperation with a supervisory board, which represents relevant market participants. Upon approval of the new BRL by the Board of Experts, your product can be tested and certified.

How can I apply for the KOMO quality label?

A KOMO quality label in 5 steps with SKG-IKOB


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