Show your quality with an ISO 14001-certificate!

An ISO-14001 certificate:

  • shows your customers that you are continuously improving your organization's environmental performance
  • increases your chances of winning tenders
  • helps your organization to manage and reduce the environmental impact 
  • saves you energy, water and resources

SKG-IKOB works together with SCCM on a high-quality certificate for ISO 14001. SCCM has drawn up a certification scheme for this, which sets out the rules for certification. Our audits comply with these rules.

If you are setting up an environmental management system, the first chapter of the certification scheme about the interpretation of the standard is important to you. SCCM also has a large number of information sheets that can help you with setting up your management system.

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Do you have difficulty determining which environmental or working conditions legislation apply to you? With a certificate or agreement from SKG-IKOB, you can access my.sccm. The SCCM website with information about laws and regulations and changes therein. See

In need of ISO 14001 certification

  • NEN-EN-ISO 14001  is a certification regulation designed to safeguard and improve your company's environmental performance.

How do I apply for ISO 14001 certification?

In 5 steps towards ISO 14001 certification with SKG-IKOB!

More about ISO 14001 certification


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