Concrete and sustainability - CSC Certification

The Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC) is an initiative by the cement- and concrete industry. CSC has developed a certification-system for the responsible procurement of raw materials for concrete. Beton Bewust served as an example in formulating the CSC requirements. This has resulted in the CSC schematic which is suited specifically for the Dutch market.

The certification process consists of a number of steps.  Concrete-, cement- and raw material suppliers register online and upload various information as evidence. This information is checked by SKG-IKOB as independent Certification Body. Finally a certificate is issued (at level bronze, silver, gold or platinum).


Procedure to obtain the CSC certificate

1. Do a quickscan;
2. Register with the Concrete Sustainable Council;

Prepare your certification process by uploading documentary evidence on the website for those requirements your company can score with.
4. Register your certificationproject on the website;
5. Select SKG-IKOB as your certification body;
6. SKG-IKOB validates the input data remotely;

If necessary, you may need to upload additional documentation, which will also be assessed by SKG-IKOB; 
8. Benchmark assessment by means of an inspection at your office;

Review of the certification process (we will assess if any documentation needs to be changed or, when the documentary evidence is not yet of sufficient quality, if an additional audit needs to take place);
10. Issuing of the certificate by SKG-IKOB though the CSC website.


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