NEN-EN 16034

CE marking for fire- and/or smoke resistant windows and doors

As of November 1st 2016, CE marking according to NEN-EN 16034 is possible for pedestrian doorsets, industrial, commercial garage doors and windows with fire- and or smoke resistant characteristics. The transition period expires on November 1st 2019. From that moment forward, CE-marking on these products is compulsory.

If your production and quality systems are being monitored by a European-recognized institute, your company can be issued with a Certificate of Constancy of Performances. As an independent, European-designated Notified Body, SKG-IKOB can issue a Certificate of Constancy of Performances, officially stating that both your company and your product satisfy the requirements for CE marking.

The benefits of certification are:

  • You will be widely accepted in the market;
  • You can safeguard your product quality and reduce failure costs;
  • You can prove that you have met the requirements of monitoring bodies and the legislation.

Factory Production Control (FPC)

As a manufacturer, you must have a documented FPC system. The aim is to ensure that all escape doors you bring onto the market meet the performance criteria stated in your CE marking and Declaration of Performance (DoP). Your FPC system must consist of written procedures, regular inspections and tests and/or assessments.

Step-by-step plan for certification and CE marking

As a manufacturer of fire- and/or smoke resistant windows and doors, there are a number of steps you must take before being allowed to use CE marking on your products and before issuing a Declaration of Performance (DoP).

Step 1: Development
Establishing and implementing a quality control system (FPC) that contains all the criteria from NEN-EN 16034. If you are a manufacturer of doors and windows and already have a quality control system (FPC), this system will also, to a large extent, serve to safeguard the quality of production of fire- and/or smoke resistant products and will possibly need to be extended to cover the requirements of NEN-EN 16034.

In addition the test-results of the fire- and/or smokeresistant profile systems which are manufactured must be available. The production process must be set up in such a way that there is only produced within the possibilities of the profile system.

Step 2: Certification inspection
After receiving your request for certification, SKG-IKOB will assess the following during an on-site inspection:

  1. Is the correct documentation available regarding the performances of the produced windows and doors, for example in the form of ITT reports;
  2. Are the fire- and/or smoke resistant windows and doors produced within the limits of the system as declared in the ITT reports;
  3. Does the FPC system satisfy the requirements of NEN-EN 16034.

Step 3: Issuing the certificate If your door and system pass the inspection, you will be issued with a certificate and the manufacturer is expected to mark the products with CE marking. The manufacturer must also draw up and issue a Declaration of Performance (DoP). To maintain the certificate, SKG-IKOB will periodically inspect your FPC-system.


Certification via SKG-IKOB

SKG-IKOB is a registered Notified Body (NB 0960) and therefore authorized to carry out tests and inspections as part of the CE marking procedure.

Besides certification of your FPC-system according to EN 16034, SKG-IKOB can also assist you with certification of FPC-systems according to EN EN 14351-1 for the production of escape doors and the performance of smoke resistance tests according to EN 1634-3.

For more information about certifying your FPC system for fire- and smoke resistant windows and doors according to NEN-EN 16034, or other services mentioned above, please contact one of the following people: Guido Soontiëns (for PVC windows and doors) or Martin Kloppenberg (for metal windows and doors).


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