CE Certificates and ETAs

In Europe, building products that come under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) must have CE marking. If you provide your product with CE marking, the product's performance will be recognized in all EU member states without the need for extra tests.

Do I have to provide CE marking?

You should give your product CE marking if a harmonized product standard (hEN) for your product has been laid down by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). If a standard has not yet been developed for your product, a European Assessment Document (EAD) and the corresponding European Technical Approval (ETA) could be the answer. If your product has been given ETA, you may use CE marking for the product.

With SKG-IKOB to CE marking

If there is already an hEN for your product, it is not difficult to acquire a CE certificate. However, a special assessment principle may have to be formulated for innovative products, to serve as the basis for issuing an ETA and the subsequent CE marking. This assessment principle is a European Assessment Document (EAD), also known under the Construction Products Directive (CPD) as a European Technical Approval Guideline (ETAG) or a Common Understanding of Assessment Procedure (CUAP). As a ‘Notified Body’, SKG-IKOB is the party designated to draw up EADs and use them to issue ETAs.

Why should I apply for CE marking via SKG-IKOB?

SKG-IKOB is a member of the European Organization for Technical Approval (EOTA) and a ‘Notified Body’ with number 0960, designated by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Kingdom Relations and by the European Commission in Brussels. SKG-IKOB is a recognized Notified Body for issuing CE certificates for all standards stated on our scope.

SKG-IKOB is currently in the process of issuing CE certificates for the following hENs and ETAGs:

  • NEN-EN 54-10 – Flame detectors - Point detectors
  • NEN-EN 179 – Closing mechanisms for emergency exits
  • NEN-EN 1125 - Panic exit devices for escape doors
  • NEN-EN 197-1 - Cement
  • NEN-EN 771-1 - Building bricks
  • NEN-EN 771-2 - Sand-lime bricks (category 1)
  • NEN-EN 771-4 - Cellular concrete
  • NEN-EN 998-2 - Adhesive mortar
  • NEN-EN 13139 - Aggregates for mortar
  • NEN-EN 1090-1 – Production of steel and aluminium constructions
  • NEN-EN 1155 – Electric door guards for revolving doors
  • NEN-EN 1935 - Hinges
  • NEN-EN 12209 – Mechanical locks, bolts and lock plates
  • NEN-EN 14351-1 – Doors and windows - Escape doors
  • NEN-EN 13043 - Aggregates for asphalt
  • NEN-EN 13242 - Aggregates for civil engineering- and road construction
  • NEN-EN 12620 - Aggregates for concrete
  • NEN-EN 16034 - Fire- and/or smoke resistant windows and doors
  • NEN-EN 12602 - Cellular concrete (prefab reinforced elements)
  • NEN-EN 14846 - Electromagnetically operated locks and keepers
  • ETAG 018-4 - Fire protective products
  • ETAG 026-2 - Fire stopping and sealing products - Penetration seals
  • ETAG 026-3 - Fire stopping and sealing products - Joint and gap seals

The procedure for acquiring an ETA is handled by the EOTA. SKG-IKOB issues ETAs for products and product areas  including:

  • Product area 2
    Doors, windows, shutters, gates and related building hardware
    - EAD 02-0011-0405 - Roof, floor, wall and ceiling hatches

  • Product area 3
    Membranes, including liquid applied and kits

  • Product area 4
    Thermal insulation products; composite insulating kits/systems
    - ETAG 004 - External thermal insulation composite systems with rendering
    - CUAP 04.04/26 - External thermal insulation composite systems

  • Product area 9
    Curtain walling/cladding/structural sealant glazing - ETAG 002 - Structural Sealant Glazing Systems
    - CUAP 04.04/23 – Balcony glazing system without vertical frames

  • Product area 10
    Fixed fire fighting equipment (fire alarm/detection, fixed firefighting, fire and smoke control and explosion suppression product.)

  • Product area 20
    Structural metallic products and ancillaries

  • Product area 21
    Internal & external wall and ceiling finishes; internal partition kits
    - ETAG 003 - Internal partition kits

  • Product area 22
    Roof coverings, roof lights, roof windows, and ancillary products; roof kits

  • Product area 30
    Flat glass, profiled glass and glass block products

  • Product area 34
    Building kits, units, pre-fabricated elements
    - ETAG 009 - Non load-bearing kits based on hollow blocks

  • Product area 35
    Fire stopping, fire sealing and fire protective products, fire retardant products
    - ETAG 018-4 - Fire protective products
    - ETAG 026-2 - Fire stopping and fire sealing products part 2: Penetration seals 
    - ETAG 026-3 - Fire stopping and fire sealing products part 3: Joint and gap seals

CE certificates via SKG-IKOB

Are your company's production and quality systems being monitored by SKG-IKOB? If so, you are also entitled to a Certificate of Constancy of Performance (AVCP level 1) or a Certificate of Conformity (AVCP level 2+). As a Notified Body, SKG-IKOB can issue a CE certificate of this kind, officially stating that your company and product satisfy all the requirements for CE marking.

For more information about obtaining an ETA in one of the above mentioned product areas, please contact Matthijs Daatselaar. If you have any questions about CE certificates, please contact us using the contact form. 


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