Complaints procedure


SKG-IKOB strives for all its customers to be satisfied with the quality of our services. Not only the services to our direct customers must be excellent, but the end user must also have confidence in and benefit from the certificates issued by SKG-IKOB. If you are not entirely satisfied with SKG-IKOB, you can submit a complaint. Our quality system includes a complaints procedure.

We discern two types of complaints:

  1. a complaint about SKG-IKOB.

    Are you a customer of SKG-IKOB and not satisfied with our services? You can submit your complaint via Submit complaint (form is currently only available in Dutch).

  2. a complaint about one of our certificate holders

    Has the company (SKG-IKOB certificate holder) hired by you, been given the opportunity to solve your complaint? If you and the company cannot reach a solution, SKG-IKOB can accept your complaint.

    Please note: If we perform an inspection and your complaint turns out unfounded, there may be costs involved.

    You can submit a complaint about one of our certificate holders via Submit complaint (form is currently only available in Dutch). You will be asked to provide proof that you tried to resolve the complaint with the certificate holder. Without these documents, we cannot handle your complaint.



SKG-IKOB tries to conduct its affairs and make all of its (certification)decisions with the utmost care. However, if you object to a decision made by SKG-IKOB, please inform us in writing. We will contact you to discuss your objection within two weeks. For more information consult the Regulations for Attestation, Certification and Inspection of SKG-IKOB Certificatie B.V. chapter 4, regarding appeals.


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